Rolled Burlap Wreath

Now that we are getting into the rainy season this makes a great project for those rainy afternoons when you just want to stay warm and dry.
We had some scraps of burlap laying around from a previous project and used them to make this great eye-catching wreath.

All you need for this project is burlap, a wreath form, hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, and a stapler.

I used a white styrofoam wreath form and didn’t want the back of the wreath to be a bunch of white flaky styrofoam so I cut a strip off the burlap about three inches wide and used that to wrap around the form.

Cut your burlap now into larger strips. I personally did not measure these strips, I eyeballed it because i did not want everything to be exact. Keep that rustic flair! I did try to keep it around 6 inch wide strips.

Then you can take those strips and cut them down into squares and then triangles. Again you do not have to be exact in your cutting.

Next you want to make a bunch of the “petals” for your burlap wreath. This is where your stapler will come in handy. First take one of the triangle pieces.

Give it a little fold, not quite folding it in half.

Now fold from the other side over the top, you will have a little excess on the side of your petal.

You can wrap that excess around to the back or cut it off your choice. Take your stapler and staple the petal at the base. You only need to staple it once after you do all your folds.

If you take some time and create lots of petals it makes the actual putting together of the wreath a fairly quick process. I wish I had the answer for how many petals to make but it all depends on how big your wreath is and how many you want to add to it. I made a ton of them and ended up having to make more. So just use your best judgement.

Take your petals and glue them to the wreath. Again I do a lot of eyeballing in this step. Seeing what petals look good here and there. I found I did follow a pattern for the most part with a row of 4 petals then a row of 3 but really let your creative eye take over and do what looks good to you.

A tip to remember is to stagger your petals from each row to the next. Doing this will keep you from having any holes and give you a fuller look on the wreath.

 Once you have finished gluing on all your petals take a second to look at your wreath from all diffferent angles, seeing if any holes are visible or if any more petals need to be added. Then you get to explore how to hang your wreath. You can tie a ribbon around the whole wreath and attach a bow or do like  in the picture below.

 Have fun with it and make it your own. You can make these wreaths in any size and also burlap comes in many different colors so explore what you can do with that.

 To hang the wreaths up in the shop i just rested them on a nail that was in our blue wall panels. I love the color contrast from the burlap and the wall color.

Let your creative juices flow and have fun.

Please send us your pictures of your wreaths. We would love to see how they look and how you display them.

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    • Rosaelina
    • November 14th, 2012

    my first time here,looking at the Burlap Wreath, i think this wreath is so beautiful, I really love it…

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