Your Mom Called, She Wants Flowers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it is not to late to order flowers. Here is some pics of some of the arrangements and baskets that have headed out so far and also some of the flower arrangements that are just made in the shop waiting to be taken to someones deserving mother. We will be making deliveries on Saturday and Sunday to insure that your mom gets her flowers for Mother’s Day. Give us a call at 208-433-9691.

Why not surprise her with a bottle of wine or champagne with her flower arrangement. We can even add it to the arrangement and put the flowers around it. After all we are probably the reason our mothers drink.

If you are looking for something a little different this year why not get her a gift certificate to one of our cooking/design classes. We have a different class every Thursday night here at the shop. Everything from BBQ to Seafood and Succulents to Willow Wreaths and Baskets. We even have a cooking and gardening with kids class coming up. Look at our website for a complete schedule of classes coming up,

Our shop ours for this weekend are;

Thursday-Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday 10 am to 3pm

Sunday 8am to 2pm

We are located on 1414 Grove St. Boise, ID 83702. Next to the Linen Building and Big City Coffee.

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Classes for April-May-June

We are gearing up for another great group of classes. Grab the girlfriends and come on over for a night of fun, friends, and a great glass.

All classes are held at our shop at 1414 Grove Street in the Linen District of Boise. Classes will go from 6 to 7pm and we will supply you with some beverages and nibbles for the evening. Registration price is $25.00.

April 12- From The Outside Looking In, “Terrariums”
Let your mind flow with creativity as a simple glass bowl, rocks, potting soil, charcoal, and plants are transformed into artful “visions” you are sure to enjoy.

April 19- Cooking with beer
For those non-wine drinkers were going to share with you the many different ways to cook with beer.

April 26- Going From Past to Future, “Modern Flower Arrangements”
Learn new arrangement techniques that put the “X-Factor” in flower arrangements that will surely impress that special someone.

May 3- Risotto
Everyone’s Favorite Class! Were going to share with you some great easy and fun recipes to inspire the Italian in all of us.

May 10- When April Showers Bring May Flowers, “Spring Flower Boxes”
Let the sun shine in as you learn new, exciting, creative tips in building that special spring flower box to be enjoyed by all.

May 17- Grilling vs. BBQ
Its that time again. We’re going to bust out the grill. We’ll explain the difference between grilling and BBQ. Show you some great rubs and some other great ideas you never thought you could do on a grill.

May 24- Willow Wreaths and Baskets
Enjoy a fun filled session that will excite your minds in transforming simple willow wreaths and baskets into artful creations.

May 31- Vegetarian cooking and Salads
Good fresh and light foods for those warmer days and also bikini weather. We will introduce you to alternative ways of preparing vegetarian meals to impress the toughest critic.

June 7- It’s Not “JUST” a Cactus any more, “Succulents”
Explore exciting ways to use succulents in your arrangements that take floral design to a whole new level.

June 14- Cooking with Kids
It is time to get your kids in the kitchen. We will teach you how to show your children easy, fun, and exciting ways to be involved with preparing food.

June 21- FUN FUN FUN “Gardening with Kids”
Who says gardening is just for adults? This session will give you the gardening tools you will need to create those special memories of you and your child as you explore the world of gardening.

June 28- Seafood
Crab feed? Oyster bar? Fun, exciting and delicious ways to introduce seafood into your diet. We will show you how simple it is to buy, pick out, and prepare.

Give us a call at 208-433-9691 to register for classes. Also you can log onto to enroll online. Follow us on Facebook at Craig + Co.

Hope to see you soon!

Silk Dyed Eggs!

I learned a great trick this weekend to create amazing dyed easter eggs and not having to deal with food coloring and dies that make messes all over your kitchen, your clothes, and your fingers.

All you need for this project is some old silk ties, scarfs, or shirts.
White Vinegar
Yarn or twist ties
White Fabric- I grabbed some old pillowcases from the thrift store
Pot to boil the eggs in
Measuring Cup
Then of course water and a Stove top.

I raided my closet and found some old silk ties that i don’t wear any more and then went to the thrift store and found some more for pretty cheap and also picked up a scarf and shirt. Look for fun patterns and colors. I found that darker colors seem to work the best.  Make sure to check the label to make sure the fabric is silk and not a polyester, which can look and feel similar. When looking for silk remember it may be an ugly scarf or tie but it can make a beautiful egg. Hard part is you never know how it will look till after you try it so try to use a selection of different colors and patterns.

Usually it will tell you if it’s 100% silk right on the main label of the tie, but some don’t, and if that’s the case, check that little tiny end, it’s usually hiding there.

If you are using ties you need to deconstruct them. Snip the seams and remove the lining so you are just left with the silk.

Next you cut a piece large enough to cover an egg. Wrap the egg with the right side (the side the dye is printed on, outside of the tie) of the fabric making contact with the egg.  You want to try to wrap the fabric as tight as you can without breaking the egg. The more direct contact the silk has with the egg shell the clearer the imprint of the pattern. Where there are folds in the fabric you’ll get kind of a swirly water color effect. Use your yarn and  tie the fabric together. I used string but twisty ties work just as well.

When you tie your eggs notice where you want your pattern to be. The side of the egg opposite the knot will have the best transfer of the pattern so depending on how you want to display your eggs take this into account. You can either tie the fabric off at the top or on the side of the egg. Just make sure you wrap them as tight and as smooth as you can.

After the eggs are wrapped in silk, you’re going to wrap them again with a light colored light weight piece of fabric. This is where the pillow cases that I grabbed form the thrift store come in handy.

Put the eggs into a pot of water and add 1/4 cup of vinegar and bring it to a boil. Let the eggs boil for 20 min and then remove them. Set them on a towel to dry and once they are cool enough you can remove the fabric.

Now the fun part! Carefully unwrap your eggs to see what they look like. And display them for everyone to see how amazing they look.

Here is how these ones turned out. I included a picture of the fabric with each egg so you can see how they transfered.

Some fabrics don’t transfer as well but still leave a great design. 

The details of the paisley pattern really transfered well on this egg.

I thought the Reds in the scarf would come across great on the egg. When i unwrapped these ones they had great detail but the reds were a greenish yellow on the egg. Still look great but like i said you never know what you will get till you unwrap the egg.

Love how well this one worked.  

You can see that some colors and patterns really transfer well and create beautiful eggs. Have fun with it and remember that an ugly tie can make a beautiful egg.

Send us your pictures of how your eggs turned out. Have a great Easter! Follow us on Facebook at Craig + Co.

Our other store Paisley Roberts

On this cold and snowy first day of Spring I thought I would take a second to tell you all about our other store, Paisley Roberts. Paisley Roberts is a paper and press store located on 237 North 9th Street Boise, Idaho 83702. They have a huge supply of cards, wrapping paper, journals, invitations and even have a graphic designer at the store to help you make any event a spectacular one. They can help you design & typeset invitations and also offer dozens of imprintables (pre-designed cards and envelopes you can customize with your printer), as well as gorgeous Envelopments and Waste Not Papers. Along with all the paper and press items they have a variety of gifts from soaps, candles, books, to even kids activities and most recently fresh flowers arrangements that are made at Craig + Co.

Just a glimpse into the store. You really need to come in to see all the amazing stuff that they have. 

Come get cards for any and every occasion. You will find cards at Paisley that you will not be able to get anywhere else in Boise.

Wrapping paper of every shade, color and texture.

At Paisley Roberts you will be able to find all sorts of Gifts and books to share with friends and loved ones.

And for the Martha Stewart in you they have a multitude of paper blanks and envelopes so that you can let your crafty side loose and create your own letters and invites.

And now you can make it your one stop shop and pick up flowers for that special someone as well.

Soon you will be able to take classes at the store every Wednesday night as well. They will be offering classes in Gift wrapping, Table Setting and Throwing a Party, Brides To Be- a class in everything from the Save The Dates to the Thank You Cards, and even a class in Designing With Paper- How to make Paper Artwork!

Paisley Roberts is a great shop and we are proud that they are now part of the Craig + Co. Family. Check them out at 237 N. 9th Street!

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Hope to see you there soon!

Rolled Burlap Wreath

Now that we are getting into the rainy season this makes a great project for those rainy afternoons when you just want to stay warm and dry.
We had some scraps of burlap laying around from a previous project and used them to make this great eye-catching wreath.

All you need for this project is burlap, a wreath form, hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, and a stapler.

I used a white styrofoam wreath form and didn’t want the back of the wreath to be a bunch of white flaky styrofoam so I cut a strip off the burlap about three inches wide and used that to wrap around the form.

Cut your burlap now into larger strips. I personally did not measure these strips, I eyeballed it because i did not want everything to be exact. Keep that rustic flair! I did try to keep it around 6 inch wide strips.

Then you can take those strips and cut them down into squares and then triangles. Again you do not have to be exact in your cutting.

Next you want to make a bunch of the “petals” for your burlap wreath. This is where your stapler will come in handy. First take one of the triangle pieces.

Give it a little fold, not quite folding it in half.

Now fold from the other side over the top, you will have a little excess on the side of your petal.

You can wrap that excess around to the back or cut it off your choice. Take your stapler and staple the petal at the base. You only need to staple it once after you do all your folds.

If you take some time and create lots of petals it makes the actual putting together of the wreath a fairly quick process. I wish I had the answer for how many petals to make but it all depends on how big your wreath is and how many you want to add to it. I made a ton of them and ended up having to make more. So just use your best judgement.

Take your petals and glue them to the wreath. Again I do a lot of eyeballing in this step. Seeing what petals look good here and there. I found I did follow a pattern for the most part with a row of 4 petals then a row of 3 but really let your creative eye take over and do what looks good to you.

A tip to remember is to stagger your petals from each row to the next. Doing this will keep you from having any holes and give you a fuller look on the wreath.

 Once you have finished gluing on all your petals take a second to look at your wreath from all diffferent angles, seeing if any holes are visible or if any more petals need to be added. Then you get to explore how to hang your wreath. You can tie a ribbon around the whole wreath and attach a bow or do like  in the picture below.

 Have fun with it and make it your own. You can make these wreaths in any size and also burlap comes in many different colors so explore what you can do with that.

 To hang the wreaths up in the shop i just rested them on a nail that was in our blue wall panels. I love the color contrast from the burlap and the wall color.

Let your creative juices flow and have fun.

Please send us your pictures of your wreaths. We would love to see how they look and how you display them.

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Johnnie Walker Whiskey Event

On February 18th Craig + Co. catered an event for Johnnie Walker Whiskey at the Taggart residence here in Boise ID. It was a great event and a lot of fun for all involved from the food, to the whiskey and even the Bagpipe player. The event was kicked off by the Bagpiper playing and then cocktails and hors d’oevers. The three cocktails that they offered were a Johnnie Walker Black Label Old Fashioned, Johnnie Walker Black Label on the Rocks, and Johnnie Walker Red and Ginger. Some of the food that was sampled were Pork spring rolls with a ponzo sauce, Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with asigo cheese, curry cashews, filet crustini with horseradish cream and Salted brownies. After some nibbles and beverages they were educated by a Master of Whiskey, who was from Scotland….via Texas, in 6 different kinds of the Johnnie Walker Whiskies. They sampled Johnnie Walker Red, Black, Double Black, Green, Gold, and Blue. It was a fun evening with great food, friends and Johnnie Walker Whiskey.  The photos were taken by Tana of Tana Photography,

Cocktail Station at the Johnnie Walker event.

The event was held at the Taggart Residence in Boise, Idaho.

Our Hostess Kara Taggart with the Master Of Whiskey.

Some of the samplings of Whisky that were served.

Flowers for the event by Will Heatter of Craig + Co.

To find out more about Johnnie Walker Whiskey you can look to their website at

More information about Tana Photography is at

Well now that Valentines day is over what is next in the “Flower World”?

You might want to shout out MOTHER’S DAY, but what about St. Patrick’s Day? March 17th is just around the corner. We have some fun ideas for you to share flowers with your loved ones, friends, family, co workers, or anyone you want to send a little something to for the holiday.

Nothing says Happy St. Patricks Day like sending an arrangement in a Guinness can.

Plus it comes with the rest of the 8 pack! And we don’t have to settle for just Guinness we use Stella as well, and are always up to requests.

We have a great supply of Cut Glass wine bottles that make a great creative way to hold flowers.

One of the great things about the flowers you can find at Craig + Co. is that they will be fresh, modern and fun, like these Parrot head tulips in one of our cut glass wine bottles. The Parrot Head tulips have a large feathered bloom that closely resembles a parrots head. They come in bright reds and yellows and bi-colors with green shading. In the picture below they are still pretty tight, you will have to come into the shop to see what they look like now.

Keeping it green for St. Patricks day

Hope you enjoyed the “Green” Pics and hope to see you in the store soon!